Monday, July 4, 2016

Visit with fellow artists

Last sunday I visited Vistar with my fellow pencil jammers, its a hub of  socio-cultural and environmental consciousness. Its a beautiful and peaceful place.  As soon as we entered the campus we met Fancoise, a lovely woman and an iconic doll maker. Her dolls are inspired from  Indians day to day life or based on social issues.  We all visited her doll exhibit. Each doll has a story to tell. She also shared her story behind making this iconic dolls.

I loved all the dolls, Each doll tells an untold story about issues which is quite common on our current society. Among them one doll took my attention, a woman with needle and cloth ("Burst of light"). I tried to capture it in my sketchbook. Made one quick sketch of it.

I made a sketchbook for plein air sketching/painting. What a beautiful place to start the painting in it :-)

One more water-colour sketch.

We had a lovely day Few photos taken during the visit

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