Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Workshop by Maestro Milind Mulick

Demo : Wet on wet

Outdoor demo
UB city

Demo: Wet in wet glazing

Portrait Demo by Milind Mulick

I made the portrait of Milind sir and took his autograph on this. 

Some selfie moments with friends

With Milind sir

My Dream came true. Last week I took 2 days workshop with watercolour artist Milind Mullick. I had a great time. Not only I just love watching him paint, but got to learn lot of things from him. I started learning watercolour following his books, I like the way he teaches and share the knowledge in very simplified way. It was a great opportunity to attend his workshop and learn from him. Thank u so much Milind sir!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hampi sketches

I had been to Hampi in the month of Dec 2015.  Its a beautiful historical place in northern Karnataka. It is the former capital of Vijyanagar Dynasty, which is now can be seen as ruins. It is one of the most beautiful place just with the ruins.

I made some sketches of Hampi after reaching home. I tried little differently. Used charcoal powder and compressed charcoal. Its very fun to do.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Boy with cycle wheel

This is the continuation of kids game series. The boy with cycle wheel. This usually seen in rural villages of india. Sometimes I really wonder how they find the joy and happiness in simple unnoticeable objects.

Hope u are liking this series. Thanks for visiting!