Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Tribute to God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar

Titile : Sachin
    Medium : Graphite pencil and watercolor on paper

This is a tribute to Sachin Tendulkar for his last international match.


  1. Wonderful portrait, Dipti. Really a tribute to him.

  2. It’s usual that everyone will get retire from cricket one day. We have seen multiple great cricketers in last four decade who got retired after having a tremendous career. We all felt bad but did we really feel like the way we are feeling today. The whole nation is feeling a vacuum inside whenever we think that we will not see Sachin Tendulkar playing for India anymore. It’s become a culture for us Indian to make us convinced that we have the last card to play and that is Sachin. We have lots of talented cricketers who are playing for India today but do we really have someone to think who can be as close as Sachin got close to our heart. Thank you, Sachin for making us happy, for making our day special at morning when we think that you were going to play, thank you for giving us the opportunity to feel proud of you. All the best to you Sachin, a living legend, a dedicated soul of cricket.

    1. Thanks Neha for the comment. Really I feel the same. Definitely we r going to miss him.


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