Monday, March 4, 2013

My first attempt with Acrylic

  Acrylic on Paper

    Its a long time since I have posted anything, its almost 4 months. Actually I was quite busy in those days, so could not get time for painting.

   This is my first attempt to paint with acrylic paint. I brought acrylic paint few months back. But never had  courage to start with it. But last weekend I thought, just keeping it and thinking of failure is not a better idea, I should go ahead a make an attempt, whatever may be the result. And I did this painting and I am quite happy with the result.

    Before starting I browsed about acrylic, like the nature of color - is it drys so fast and we need be working in that pace. I was aware that it drys so fast but I was not knowing that we can not reuse it once the color drys and I have wasted colors a lot. First time I found little difficulty, but overall its a nice experience.

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  1. Dipti, this is wonderful. I hate to say this but can you make your shadows a bit darker. I think that will make your painting "pop" if you know what I mean. I know I am one who shouldn't talk because I haven't painted a thing in over 6 months. But there is an old saying that goes "those who can do, those who can't teach." I think it is meant to be a sarcstic comment to the one teaching but sometimes I just see what I think will improve a painting and feel if I am truly your friend I will tell you and then you can either do what I suggest or not. It will not hurt my feelings. :) Have a fabulous day.

  2. Carol, Thanks a lot. I really feel so happy when someone gives suggestion on how to improve the painting. I believe true friends can do it & it really helps me :) ..
    Regarding the shadow even I feel the same. actually I did that in darker tone, but didn't look good, that's why made it lighter. Might be I did too darker.. Let me try to make this little darker & share the same once done.
    Thanks again for the suggestion & I'll be happy to hear more suggestions from u :)

  3. Hey Dipti...I too tried with acrylics...just few days back...will post it soon...

    Yes it dries toooooooo fast :)

    read it in couple of places and was so careful....wasted very less paint out of my stinginess :)

    Your attempt is too gud :)

    1. Thanks Kiran!!! Its always better gather info before u start something.. good that u did it..


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