Monday, September 26, 2011


13x19 inches
Water color on paper

This ia little challenging for me. I used a different paper. Before I did three paintings using this paper. But I was not satisfied with the result. This is the first time I am satisfied with the outcome.

Odissi is the traditional style of dance which originated in the temples of the state of Odisha in Eastern India, where it was performed by the devadasi for Lord Jaganath.

     One of the most characteristic features of Odissi dance is the Tribhangi. The concept of Tribhangi divides the body into three parts, head, bust, and torso. Any posture which deals with these three elements is called Tribhangi. This concept has created the very characteristic poses which are more contorted than found in other classical Indian dances.

    Mudra is also an important of Odissi dance. It is a hand position which suggests things.  The use of mudras help tell a story.


  1. beautiful....dipti....nice color combination and the expression also has come out good :)

  2. Thank u kiran for ur lovely comments..


Thank u for your comments. Its always makes me happy to see your comments...