Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy friendship day

                                           Watercolor on paper.

                                          Watercolor on paper

Happy friendship day to all of my dear friends. Thanks for being with me and for all your support. 

Childhood painting I have done from a photo reference of my cousin and niece. I am not satisfied with my work on that but still I want to share it because I have a lovable memory with that. When I was child I  also used to enjoy the same thing. It reminds me of my childhood. 

I have never done any painting of street. From long time I was planning to do the same , but never  got courage to start. First time I  have tried this. This also did not came out good. I have to do more practice on it. I have to work more on light, shadow and projections. Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated :-)


  1. Dipti, they are both lovely. Remember we all start somewhere, even today most of us start over again after not painting for weeks. Paint for your enjoyment and it will show through in your art. It already does.

  2. Thanks Carol for your encouraging comments :)

  3. well done. i read somewhere recently, an accomplished artist said, "i have to do at least 20 before i get a good one." that made me feel much better about my first attempts.

  4. Well said.. thanks Liana for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment :-)


Thank u for your comments. Its always makes me happy to see your comments...